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Mounir Ghazi – Snapback Preview

Alright guys. Here is something different. Quite some time ago, we met a guy from Paris on Instagram. True story, on Instagram. Well, his name is Mounir Ghazi, he just founded a the same named label. For some promotion thing he was so kind to send us a sample of the Mounir Ghazi Snapback. And to be honest, it’s quite lovely. Kept simple, it’s a classy black snapback with a fine-lined print on it.


By the way, his pieces also fit to the yue’meeda style. Have a look below, parrallel to our collection shooting we also did some shots with Mounir’s piece of work. Keep on rocking dude, we’re expecting more stuff! Stay on the track for his latest updates via his twitter, tumblr or instagram.


featured_image_mounir Mounir01 Mounir02 Mounir03 Mounir04 Mounir05