yue’meeda clothing is a fashion brand based in Hamburg/Germany.
Founded by two young talents a couple of years ago with the ambition of doing first class apparel designs. Currently we are focusing on the essentials: Unique T-shirts.

To develop ourself, we also collaborate with artists & designers around the world. We are going to create a project, where different artists, designer etc. share their experience with us and with eachother. All this belongs to our claim "i am art", which simply stands for uniqueness of each person.
Our goal is to convince the people of the "i am art" concept, so they can identify with it & get the feeling of being a part of that project.

"i am art"


Our Lookbook is a "Work In Progress", as we are filling it step by step with snapshots of amazing moments, great product campaigns and our shirts, tank tops & caps spotted around the globe. Shot by us or friends and collaboratives. A great opportunity to participate by the way. As we are showing everything we like in this section, it is more of an archive or gallery rather than a typical Lookbook. Its full of everything we associate with the yue'meeda clothing brand and its products. Our items shot on different trips around the globe or shooted by amazing friends and collaboratives.
Stay tuned for continuous updates from Australia, St. Tropez, Paris & New York etc.